Innovative technologies

Innovative technologies are modern tools and methods designed for consistent project execution. In other words, innovation is the engine of progress. No reform or a production solution can do without them, because unique ideas and modified equipment are needed to translate a new idea into reality. The international pace and scale of technological progress in the industry will depend on the degree and speed of the transition to automated construction methods and the mass introduction of robotics and technology with minimal human intervention. So, many experts today agree that one of the key trends of the next decades in the construction industry will be an accelerated transition from traditional technologies for the construction of houses directly on building sites (on-site manufacturing) to prefabricated (out-of-site) housing construction and further to conveyor construction houses of unified panel or modular components designed with the help of computers. It is especially important to introduce modern systems in the period of economic growth when enterprises expand production and need high-quality equipment.

The trend, which in the last decade has had a particularly noticeable effect on the technological development of the construction giant, is the accelerated introduction and integration of integrated computer modeling, together with mathematical models. For example, the calculation of sustainability, which is used in the construction stages (development, planning and construction process).

Effective use of computer simulation allows you to save an average of 20-30% of the total cost of construction, anticipating in advance all possible options for construction and subsequent maintenance.

Also, modern construction technologies are actively developing and pursuing certain goals and objectives. These include resource savings, environmental friendliness, and external compliance with the time interval, durability and much more.