Maintenance and Innovation

Our company provides a service that includes a full range of cleaning and maintenance services, allowing to complete the last phase of repair and construction work.

Maintenance is a complex of preventive works on cleaning, tuning, adjusting and replacing items that have become unusable, aimed at maintaining the efficiency of equipment and engineering systems during the technical operation of a building. Our system provides a planned execution of works at set intervals: daily, monthly, quarterly, etc.

Professional post-construction cleaning is a time-consuming process, during which our specialists remove even the smallest garbage and construction dust in any premises. The quality of service in our company is based on several key components. We use only the latest cleaning technology. At the same time, we are fully responsible for their quality, so cleaning services will be top notch. Our detergents are certified and are as safe as possible for humans. The most important thing in cleaning is to approach the process responsibly and correctly.

The list of services can be supplemented with the peculiarities of the structure. A complete list of works is agreed with the customer during the inspection of the object. These services are carried out both in Baku and in all regions of Azerbaijan.


General cleaning of the premises;
Cleaning after construction garbage;
Industrial alpinism;
General building cleaning activities;
Operational equipment repair;
Elimination of minor damages and malfunctions;
Replacement of burnt out electric lamps;
Collection of non-hazardous waste;
Recycling of sorted materials;
Cleaning of residential and non-residential premises;
Disinfection, disinsection, deracination of buildings, industrial equipment;
Sweeping the streets and snow removal;
Landscape improvement activities;
Removal of construction waste;
Edusting surfaces with an industrial vacuum cleaner;
Removing paint, cement, putty, and other contaminants;
Cleaning floors (some types of floors can be treated with special equipment);
Cleaning windowsills, trim, doors;
Wet cleaning, which includes the treatment for floors and walls;
Washing windows, including the method of industrial alpinism;
Household activities with hired employees;
Investing in innovation;
Using innovative technologies in a construction site;
Providing premises with innovative technologies.