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The construction industry is one of the most opaque when viewed from the point of view of implementing advanced HR techniques. The fashion for “holding construction” is justified by minimizing costs and taxes. The business portfolio at the same time unites different enterprises that contribute the necessary significant value to the formation of the final cost - from the development and production of building materials to the design and construction of real estate.

In the conditions of toughening competition and globalization in the region, there is a growing awareness at the level of corporate management and owners who believe that targeted HR management is necessary. This is the only way to introduce corporate training standards that will effectively implement the processes and control of business strategy at all levels of the holding, reducing all negative manifestations to a minimum.

The ultimate goal of interest to shareholders and managers is to increase market capitalization and attract new investment through competitive advantages, the “fundamental” and “critical” source of which is HR (human resources).

The advantage of the approach is the possibility not only to justify the expediency of measures that increase the level of corporate culture of permanent and well-paid employees, but also that it allows defining the principles and place of work of HR services with temporary and low-paid staff, problems with which are usually underserved and "shyly" ignored in the construction business of our country, damaging the reputation of companies in the eyes of potential consumers and the public. Although, one of the large foreign companies successfully uses temporary low-paid labor resources, maintaining high employee loyalty and reputation of a socially oriented organization.

Construction of houses, private buildings, and high-rise buildings is a developing industry in our time. Today, the architecture includes the conduct of technological processes, as well as compliance with the quality of work and deadlines. The company S.T.I.N.G guarantees clients compliance with legal requirements and conditions in the conduct of construction works. Due to the large base of specialists accumulated over many years of work, as well as partner companies, we can implement projects of any complexity and scale.

Our approach to construction is implemented by a team of professionals and experienced professionals, engineers, builders, architects of our company. S.T.I.N.G owns the material and technical base, making it possible to carry out the necessary amount of work in the regions of the country. Each project is the fruit of joint work of a huge number of craftsmen. Only high-quality materials and modern methods and technologies are used for construction. S.T.I.N.G specializes in providing the range of products required for building construction.

In modern production conditions, the company S.T.I.N.G achieves an increase in the efficiency of personnel management using the following methods:

Competent selection of personnel;
Training and promotion of staff growth;
Systematic retraining and advanced training of workers;
Ensuring stable employment;
High organization of jobs;
Rational planning of working time;
Improving pay and methods of non-material;
Labor motivation.