Landscape design

The man actively transforms the world around him, changing his appearance depending on his ideas about harmony.

Landscape design is a complex of special events and solutions for landscaping, aimed at changing the appearance of the territory through active use of natural components. Landscape design is able to make your garden cozy, beautiful, and most importantly - original and unique.

We are ready to offer you to develop a sketch, master plan, dendroplan, 3D-visualization of the site, register and compile the necessary working documents (automatic irrigation scheme, electricians, drainage, preliminary estimates and other documents as necessary). Creating flower beds, greenhouses, “stone gardens”, lawns of various types, building decorative stone paths, erecting small architectural elements, installing arbors, creating zones - everything that can be done on your site and surrounding areas. After all, the Ideal option is - when the landscaping is not only contrary to the style of the house but is a continuation of its interior.

We offer the services of our professionals in landscape design:

A new landscape on your site with the preservation of existing healthy plantations and planting fresh ornamental and fruit-bearing plants;
Tab flower beds and flower beds;
Rolled or sowing lawn;
Pharmaceutical garden - fragrant and edible plants for replenishing vitamin deficiency;
Actively use natural ingredients - stone, water, wood;
Territory preparation, groundworks;
Geoplastic relief;
The device of drainage, systems of automatic watering, paving works, the device of retaining walls;
Decorative reservoirs and streams, alpine hills and rockeries;
Small architectural forms;
Creating landscape area classical (regular), oriental and national styles.