Architecture and design

Architecture and design are activities related to the management and design of a process aimed at the construction of buildings that meet the spiritual and utilitarian needs of a person. Our activities cover all aspects of interior design and decoration from conceptual design to full-scale implementation, transforming ideas into an ideal. Our team of specialists will help you explore the targeted audience, brainstorm the style, planing, finalizing the layout, create 3D visualization and select materials, decorations and furniture for the budget, as well as developing a working project with all the necessary drawings for the project.

We offer a full range of individual services for the design of the facade and interior, decoration of residential and public spaces, from traditional classics to modern innovative design solutions, using elements of proportion, scale, balance, color, style, texture, architecture, lighting to create the desired atmosphere of functionality and comfort.

Our capabilities:

Pre-project proposal;
Draft design (development of plans, drawings, sections necessary for the implementation of decisions);
Wtage "project";
Working documentation;
Design project (detailed elaboration of the approved and principal style decisions);
Projects on redevelopment and reconstruction of residential and non-residential premises;
Redevelopment of non-residential premises located in residential apartment buildings;
Redevelopment with the arrangement of furniture and equipment;
Projects of cottages, individual houses, industrial buildings and structures, as well as projects for the reconstruction of existing buildings (renewing the facade, number of storeys, useful area, extension of loggias, etc.);
Facade and interior design;
Development of architectural design elements.