Investment in construction

We truly understand the real estate and construction market; therefore we can find offers that are unique in terms of profitability. We use our knowledge when implementing our own construction projects.

S.T.I.N.G offers a full range of services for creating business projects. Our team will help you from the start of the project to the commissioning and personnel training. If you want to create a modern Wellness or Spa center or implement another business idea, our team will help with the development of the project for your idea. According to your project, our team will build a complex and put it into operation, as well as help with new ideas.

Object assembly is not just an important, but also a necessary part of a design project. It is hard to imagine a high-quality interior design without a facility bundling service. That is why this service is on the same scale with the design, preparation of working documentation, construction, and repair. The secret of a beautiful and functional interior lies in the harmonious combination of finishing materials, equipment, furniture, lighting, and decorative elements. This guarantees harmony in the finished interior, where every detail is important, therefore an integrated approach is important here.

Constant research and tracking of trends and trends in the market of the construction industry provide an opportunity to complete and create industrial, office, medical, entertainment, tourist, trade objects, as well as non-analogous startups:

Industrial (Factory, Factory, Business Center);

Medical (clinic, polyclinic, hospital, dentistry, etc.);

Entertainment (Restaurants, Cafes, etc.);

Equipment cars, trailers, and motorcycles for small businesses (cafes and gift shop on wheels).


We are interested in attracting any bold business ideas and ambitious business projects. We are ready to consider all your various offers, because we have practical experience and skills in the field of launching, developing, introducing venture projects to the market and effective management of venture companies.

One of the key conditions and a guarantee of business project success is a competent presentation of business ideas for potential investors.

If you have only an interesting business idea or a ready-made business project, but difficulties arise in their implementation - we are ready to help you in your endeavors at any stage of the development of a venture project or company.

We are interested in innovative ideas and innovative business projects in the field of high technologies. But we can also consider other options for business ideas if the proposed projects are of interest for investment.

Your BUSINESS IDEA and our contribution to the implementation of the BUSINESS PROJECT - mutual benefit.